Tinjeer Roon'vak

The mighty Roon’vak family has been the most sacred blessing from Heironious the Kingdom has seen. They conquered over the vicious hoards that raged through Ghent. The Peninsula, now called The Cursed Peninsula, was the first part of the land that the ancients stepped foot on. Different lines draw back to this point, among the lines that first established Ghent was the Roon’vak line.

Roon’vak families were always prone to magic. Tinjeer is no exception, he and his brother both practice the arcane arts extensively. Practically every member of the family has studied magic at the great Sherendy Academy.

Tinjeer is a human who stands 5’7 with a carved jawline, high cheekbones, and a dimple chin. His smile brightens any room and warms hearts to a boil. His tan skin is always polished clean and when his bright yellow eyes meet yours it is impossible not smile, even a bit. His physique resembles that of a champion athlete, and people hardly believe that he is a wizard at heart. His short golden locks wave at some points and run straight in others, creating a beautiful, shining mess atop his head. His looks are matched with his graceful stride and unyielding warm voice that calms any person just by hearing a word.

Whenever he is seen is it never without the Gleeming Blade, a Roon’vak created sword from ancient times. The sword is always passed down to the oldest son and will be likely carried on for generations still to come.

Tinjeer Roon'vak

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