Issac Vinehawk

I fell in love with Sophia Vanette the day I rode into town. She is of the Vanette family of Bakers. Her father works for a bakery in Ironrock. I gave her a rose from a neighbors garden. The neighbor had been up late and noticed me take some flowers from his garden and chased me yelling. I ran and tripped on a corner losing all the flowers but a rose. I ran to Sophia’s window to place the rose there but Sophia was already up and she had seen me coming..

Issac brightens and says, “A rose for a lovely lady! I noticed you when I first rode into town with my father. My name is Issac Vinehawk from the north. What’s is yours?” Sophia tilts her head down in a coy manner, smiles, and responds “Sophia Vanette. You’re the blacksmith’s boy.”

“Indeed, I am who you say, I’m sorry our meeting was so short and I look forward to seeing you again, Sophia. Goodbye!” Issac says with a grin from ear to ear and as he finishes his sentence he immediately runs from the approaching scolding neighbor.

“Where are you? Isaac this isn’t funny. Don’t you scare me! Where are you, Isaac?” Sophia called out in the middle of an open meadow surrounded by trees and shrubbery in the afternoon air. She pauses as her voice gets lost amongst the silence. She stands tall in her dress with her hands held together. She looks again into the bushes.

“Haha!” Isaac exclaims as he jumps out. The shock on Sophia’s face quickly turns to laughter once she see’s her lover. “Look what I managed to find for us,” Isaac reveals a flask “It’s a special wine.” He pours some in the palm of his hand. “It’s blue!” Sophia realizes. “Yes my love, I’ve heard from a man that the color is due to magical properties within the wine and that if two lovers are to drink of it, their souls will be bound together for all eternity. It‘s a drink from legends in the north, it‘s very rare.” Sophia gazed in awe and then suddenly awoke to ask “It’s beautiful. Where did you get it?” Isaac sort of laughed a bit “I pulled it from a traveler’s cart when he wasn’t looking. He wanted so much for it! There was no way I would ever afford it.”

“Isaac, you must stop stealing. I don’t want to receive a single coin in the world if it’s to be stolen.” She pleaded.

“The world is ours for the taking my sweet. I would take the gems off the top of King Reelson’s crown for you. We can have whatever I can take.”

Sophia’s mind became tense in moral conflict and her face was stern until Isaac caressed her from behind the ear and brought her face closer to his. Sophia’s gave mind in and she let herself free and let herself get lost in Isaac’s love for her. They kissed passionately and for the rest of the evening they shared the blue wine and copulated.

It was a cold morning..

It was during the winter, that morning in Ghent. The streets were covered in snow as high as your waist. The interior of our home was damp and you could hear the water drops pop into the puddles throughout the floors below. I woke up early, the breezes from outside cut threw our home like a sword drawn through a sheath. Smooth, cool, dense, unfeeling. No thought, no regret. The breeze cared not if my family and I could not sleep and that we would have to work the rest of the day tired. If only I had spent that gold on bread instead of a bastard sword. Then the steel breeze rolled across my throat until my sadness poured from it like blood. It wasn’t always like this.

When I first went there in the fall things were happier, I loved my mother, she was very good to me back when she had her health. My father worked as blacksmith for the little town and I stood by as his apprentice. In that town was where I have spent some of the happiest and saddest times in my life. My family and I had moved closer to the capital in hopes that my dad get more business for his blacksmith shop. I was on my way to becoming a professional blacksmith but I was still learning.

Ah, Sophia Vanette, the bakers girl. I met her the first day I strolled into that town. Her silky dark hair hung straight down her back to the ends of her shoulder blades and she always had a bandana wrapped about her head. Her olive skin glistened brilliantly under the sun and she was always in the sun. We were just common folk, her and I, but we fit. She said hello and we got to know each other. After a few months we were engaged to be married before the winter.

However, in the winter my mother became unexpectedly very thin and sickly. My father‘s business was doing well for the times and that was enough to get us by until my father injured himself in the forge and lost his right hand. Then we were in trouble. No gold and a few days later, the entire home is falling apart from a recent mold problem. We had no bread and I knew I had to do something and fast. So I went to a blacksmith in another town that could make me a bastard sword. I had never swung one before that day but the way it felt in my hand was almost familiar as the fresh air in my chest. As if I had known this sword all my life.

Back to that cold, cold morning that slowed my heart beat so slow that my blood lay stagnant, I set out to rob the town tax collector. My family needed to eat and that rat steals from my family’s table by taking what little we had. So I approached the rat and killed him with three slices and collected the gold. What a bloody mess bodies leave. I rushed to the bakery right after my first kill. Happiness on my face as I felt the gold in my pocket.

Filthy rat, he deserved to die! I did the town a favor, and in return I reward myself with bread. I smile to Sophia and show her my earnings. She was angry when she learned of how I got the gold. Doesn’t take a women too long to figured things out. I knew I could not fool her long. She told me the guards would come looking for me. I became frustrated but eventually we decided we would have to leave and take my parents away from the town to be safe..

“No. NOOO!” Isaac cried out.

He had just arrived at his broken and rotted home. It was set ablaze and the fires burned the rumbled home black. Just in front of the house laid the bodies of his mother and father slaughtered red and charred. Smoke and darkness filled the air in the midst of day. No ray of light came through the clouds of ash.

“Hah hah” Sophia panted. “Isaac!” she shouted as she followed behind Isaac. Her eye’s widened when she beheld the sight. Isaac stood in horror and then knelt down in anger with his face to the ground, clenching his sword. Sophia spoke out to him saying, “Isaac we must leave this place! The guards will surely find you here and if they do they will sentence you to death.” She touched Isaac’s back. Isaac looked up, his face relaxed a bit in hopelessness, but suddenly a shout came out from behind him and he got up hastily and turned.

“Isaac Vinehawk, you’ve been exposed by the town of Ironrock as a murder and I, Captain Alexi Swenlark of the Grey Hound Town Guard, have come to sentence you to death! So if you please wouldn’t run, it’s only justice.” He said as he and two guards beside him walked toward Isaac and Sophia. Isaac grabbed Sophia and spoke to her “Run!” Sophia paused but Isaac pulled and they began to run away from the Grey Hound Guard. “Stop!” exclaimed Captain Swenlark as he drew his sword and began to chase after them.

Isaac and Sophia had made it to the bottom of a small cliff that dropped down on the other side. He helped Sophia make it to the other side but before he had the chance to go Captain Swenlark was right behind him. Isaac bolted left into the forest with Captain Swenlark chasing him a few days out and Isaac never returned to Ironrock since.

Issac Vinehawk

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