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  • Sophia Vanette

    Human girl 15 Olive Skin Color Long Light Brown Hair Blue Eye Color Life is alright here in Ironrock, I live here at the local bakery with my father, Robert Vanette, and one of my older brothers, Joshua Vanette. I have two other older brothers in …

  • Tors

    Tors was the human who killed the dwarf at the Yelping Pony Tavern. A rare thing of violence during the Summer Festival.

  • Broozsivaline Silentlight

    Broozsivaline Silentlight is a human who has a knack for killing quickly. He has short black hair that spikes in places and a clean shave. His smile is flawless except for his left carnivorous tooth which is gold and sharpened to a point. He has pale …

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